Phone calls are dead say generation z

Are phone calls becoming a thing of the past? According to new figures, the volume of phone calls in 2011 dropped for the first time ever with people preferring to text friends and family instead of making a phone call to them. In fact, texting in the UK now has more than a 10% advantage over mobile calls and with the 16-24 year olds being the driving force behind this shift, it doesn't look like things are going to reverse back any time soon. Texting is not only quicker but to generation Z, who have been brought up with texting technology, it is also much easier.

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A smart (phone) way to pay

As if our coffee addictions weren't bad enough, now you can pay on your mobile. 

Shortly after Starbucks announced they'd processed over 42 million mobile payments since they launched their 'mobile pay' feature in January 2011, Mastercard announced they'll be introducing a service that allows shoppers to pay for things with their mobile too.

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More Smart Less Phone?

New figures released by the UK mobile network O2, have shown that the most traditional use for a mobile phone, making calls, has now dropped down to become only the fifth most popular thing to do with a smartphone.

128 minutes, just over 2 hours, is the time that the average smartphone user spends actively using their smartphone every day. However, of these 128 minutes, the time spent on actually making a call is a measly 12 minutes, with users spending the most time, nearly 25 minutes, browsing the internet. 

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Blackberry in trouble

RIM - the company behind the Blackberry smartphone - just announced its results from the last quarter: a $518 million loss. This is a setback from the $128 million loss in the first quarter last year and came as a major blow as analysts expected only a small fraction of that. Revenues also fell to $2.8 billion from $4.9 billion in the first quarter last year, and the company only shipped 7.8 million Blackberry smartphones, and 260,000 Playbooks. This is a third less than the 11.8 smartphones and half of the 500,000 Playbooks shipped the previous quarter. Trouble!

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The Rise of the Enterprise Tablet

Since the start of 2010 tablets have clearly established their place as the next generation of digital development with an exponential growth in sales every year, and now they seem to be more and more adopted by big enterprises. Twice as many tablets were sold in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the first quarter in 2011. And various technological trends suggest that the tablet experience will only improve, especially for companies and enterprises.

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