19 Smartphones Sold Every Second

Is the mobile market growth ever coming to a halt? Possibly. But statistics indicate that it is not happening yet. Smartphone sales have increased by almost 50% from the first quarter of 2011 to the same in 2012. That is almost 19 smartphones sold every second. For businesses this is great news as the mobile platform offers an entirely new way of engaging with customers and consumers.

Not only do smartphones provide endless possibilities for the consumer. The lucrative mobile market also offers businesses the opportunity to get even closer to the individual. People can walk with your brand in their pocket, read about your service anytime they want, and order your product with only a click from wherever they are - literally. 

Altogether 1.4 billion smartphones have been sold since the beginning of 2007. That is one smartphone for every five people across the entire globe. Obviously this is not the case as many people have had more than one smartphone. However, the continuing growth implies that the smartphone is becoming a more significant access point to the connected world. And with this access point in your pocket it means you are always online.

Global market research companies Gartner and  IDC both forecasted last year that mobile app downloads would reach 185 billion in 2014 (Gartner) or 2015 (IDC).  Canalysis also predicted app store revenues to exceed $14 billion in 2012 and reach close to $37 billion by 2015.

Does your business have an app or do you in other ways engage with the mobile audience? Please share whether this has been successful or not.

Written by: Jákup Justinussen

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