8 Smartphones for Every 5 PCs

Smartphone sales are increasingly outgrowing PC sales. The historical trend from 2011, where smartphone sales outgrew PC sales by 18%, is continuing and expanding. The first quarter of 2012 more than tripled the difference. 144 million smartphones were shipped compared to 89 million PCs according to Gartner - 8 smartphones for every 5 PCs. 

This trend does not imply the end of the PC. PC sales are still growing. People just buy more technology. The first quarter of 2012 showed a 1.9% increase in PC sales compared to the quarter a year earlier. The big looser is the inbetweener: the netbook with a steady 25% decrease, reports global research agency  Canalys.

The netbook entered the market in 2007 and peaked in 2010, after which its been steadily declining in sales. The number of netbooks sold in the first quarter of 2012 compared to a year earlier dropped with a third. Its glory days seem to be over, overtaken by the skyrocketing growth of tablet sales and the increased usability of smartphones to access emails, Facebook, Twitter, news reading, and other Internet rituals of modern man.

What do you use your smartphone for other than the traditional calling or texting?

Written by: Jákup Justinussen


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