Android Dominates

Google Play soon bigger than Apple App Store. Since its start in 2008 the Android mobile platform has rapidly expanded its playground. It sits on 56% of the global smartphone market share, the number of apps available on Google Play has doubled over the last year, and the number of downloads has quintupled (fivefold increase). But Apple is still on solid ground with a steady growth of downloads much similar to Android's growth. But how long will this persist as Android continues to gain market share. 

Apple's App Store is still the giant on the mobile app market with 600,000 apps and 25 billion downloads compared to Google Play's 500,000 Android apps and 15 billion downloads. But Android is quickly catching up with a significantly higher growth rate. Apple 'only' has twice as many downloads now compared to last year whereas Google Play has five times as many downloads. And the Apple App Store has 41% more apps available than a year ago whereas Google Play has twice as many apps available. With this growth rate the Google Play app store will be bigger than the Apple App Store within a year.

When it comes to surfing the web on a mobile device, Apple is still in the lead. Online advertising network Chitika  says that smartphones and tablets now account for  20% of the webtraffic in the US and Canada. 95% of the tablet web traffic belongs to the iPad and 72% of smartphone web traffic belongs to the iPhone. With Android sitting on half of the US smartphone market and Apple on a third of it makes one wonder why Apple still has the significant lead on mobile web traffic. Will these numbers soon change to Android's favor, are Apple users just more prone to surf the Internet on their smartphone or does Apple generally create a better browsing experience for the user? 

Whether you are a developer, business or consumer, which platform do you prefer and why? 

Written by: Jákup Justinussen

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