More Smart Less Phone?

New figures released by the UK mobile network O2, have shown that the most traditional use for a mobile phone, making calls, has now dropped down to become only the fifth most popular thing to do with a smartphone.

128 minutes, just over 2 hours, is the time that the average smartphone user spends actively using their smartphone every day. However, of these 128 minutes, the time spent on actually making a call is a measly 12 minutes, with users spending the most time, nearly 25 minutes, browsing the internet. 

Engaging in social networking, listening to music and playing games now all rank higher than making calls on a smartphone. Surprisingly, text messaging is now coming in even lower than phone calls at the seventh most popular as people are choosing to spend more time on emails.


Previous findings show that these recent figures are not unexpected however. Phone calls per user in the US have been steadily falling since the iPhone was released in 2008 and according to CTIA, customers have been cutting down on their 'voice plans'. There may be several reasons for the cut back on calls, however one of the main reasons is that there are more convenient ways to make contact with people and it is often much easier and quicker to message someone through an email or on a social networking site.

The smartphone has created an ambiguous meaning for the word 'phone' and for the past 5 years, its duty has been less about phone calls and much more about the internet so is it still appropriate to call this device a phone? Let us know what you think!

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