Out With The Old, In With The New

After months of rumours and discussions, Apple have finally announced the new and shiny iPhone 5. The week leading up to the launch appeared to excite their eagerly awaiting fans, as that week triggered a phenomenal spike in phone trade-in activity, with a 300% increase.

It's now been unveiled, the highly anticipated new iPhone, which can be available to purchase on September 21st. With this date approaching fast, most trade-in vendors are experiencing a noticeable increase in quotes and trades, with one major vendor suggesting a staggering 300% increase; these figures will surely only continue to increase once the device goes on sale.

New features of the iPhone 5 include a longer screen, a better battery, improved camera, ultra fast wireless technology as well as an upgrade to the A6 processor. All of these are encouraging Apple fans to part ways with their current models and prepare for an upgrade.

Trade-in sites are witnessing a sudden abundance of iPhone 4 and 4S models, as their owners are selling their current phones now before their value inevitably drops. It doesn't come as a surprise that iPhone users are so loyally and eagerly awaiting the latest generation of iPhone as recent studies show that, out of all the smartphone makers, Apple are top of customer satisfaction rankings. With such a spike in trade-in activity before the phone was even revealed, it seems that Apple consumers are content with blindly paying for their products, as they have complete faith in the corporation to deliver on quality and innovation.

For some time now, the smartphone industry has been a two horse race, with Android setting the pace. However, as we're seeing such hype before it's release, could the iPhone 5 potentially aid Apple to disrupt Android's cosy market share figure? How much of an impact can one phone make?

What do you think?