Reign of Rovio

Angry Birds developer, Rovio, is truly the king of apps as their addictive game sores past one billion downloads. Fans are now setting their sights to 27th September, which will launch Rovio's new game, "Bad Piggies". Can this game match the success of those fury filled birds?

2009 saw the release of Angry Birds, and since then Rovio have experienced a wealth of success. Although, this burst of success created an illusion that Rovio and their genius materialised over night: this is far from the case. Rovio were set up in 2003, had worked on 51 games and faced the threat of bankruptcy before Angry Birds. With the arrival of the App Store, the company worked hard on a strategy which could exploit the app environment, and they got it spot on. Rovio haven't looked back since, with the Angry Birds franchise spreading into the realms of cuddly toys, television and theme parks. Their next venture, however, is new game Bad Piggies.

Bad Piggies turns the table, as the villainous pigs become the antagonists, building various contraptions to obtain eggs. Whilst there isn't a bird in sight, Bad Piggies is still an additional expansion on to the Angry Birds franchise, and will inevitably contribute to Rovio's mounting successes. We can already see fans getting excited for the game, as the teaser trailer (Something PIG is coming!) went viral in no time at all. One version of the video is already well over one million views. Bad Piggies will launch for Android, iOS and OSX on September 27th.

As it's part of such a popular franchise, Bad Piggies can pretty much guarantee itself success, although will it be able to match that of Angry Birds?


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