Two Birds With One Phone

2007 saw the arrival of the original iPhone, and since then smartphones have revolutionised the way we use our phones: they have completely changed how we communicate, connect and consume. Overtime, smartphones have even made several items completely redundant in today's society, but what else is there left for smartphones to replace? Is the sky truly the limit?

Smartphones offer immense opportunities at your fingertips, with the device becoming the Swiss Army knife of technology. Many essential appliances such as cameras, mp3 players, dictaphones and alarm clocks are becoming redundant as smartphones encompass all these functions into one device.

We are becoming used to instant gratification, using a phone for all our daily needs, although it leaves the question of how much more can a smartphone grow. Since the announcement of the iPhone 5, many people are vocalising their disappointment with the lack of innovation. It is undeniable that the next generation of iPhone is slicker, faster and a general improvement, but how has it faired in terms of show casing new technology? Could it be possible that smartphones have reached their peak? What would you like to see in the next few years for smartphones?


What do you think?