It is with great excitement that we launch Mobile Statistics, a free and unified resource site on statistics and trends from the mobile market. Previously, if you didn't have £1,000 to spend on a market research report for only a quarter, you had to scour the web to compile information. Sure, there are many great news-platforms out there but none of them provides a whole picture of the market. The information is either available for a huge price from major market research enterprises or scattered across the web, making your day longer than necessary. That is why we have created Mobile Statistics - a central point for mobile statistics and marketing trends.

We have compiled information from trustworthy sources on developments in smartphone sales, tablet sales, current market share division, app store growth and other things. And we will keep compiling more information for you to explore. Why? - Because we want businesses to see the potential in having their own app. We want to show the significance of the smartphone and tablet on our everyday life. We want to be a central information hub for companies, institutions, the mobile sector, journalists, students or individuals doing research into the mobile market. 

Statistics can tell a very fascinating story, you know. Our prime focus is to make all those boring numbers come alive, making it easy for anyone to read, explore and understand. So dive in and stay tuned for the UK's central point for mobile statistics and market trends.

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