Who We Are

Forged on the back of frustration over the lack of a central hub of information, Mobile Statistics – as the only free service of its kind – provides you with a detailed picture of the mobile market and the direction in which it is moving. Which mobile devices have most sales, is Android bigger than Apple, and which app store is the fastest growing – these are but a few of the questions answered in the statistics we have aggregated from multiple sound sources on the web.

Before Mobile Statistics, if you wanted a collated and coherent view of the mobile market, you would either have to spend over £1,000 on a quarterly report or you would have to scour the web for scattered articles, press releases and reports. We have done that already and will keep doing that so you don’t have to. We will also be new information and graphs as time goes by, making Mobile Statistics an organic service in constant growth.

We recognize the research done by big research companies and appreciate all the great news outlets reporting on developments in the mobile industry. However, the prior is extensive but costs money, and the latter is free but only provides snapshots of the current scenery. We wanted to provide extensive information on a variety of subjects of the entire scenery for free. To begin with, we are focusing on the smartphone, tablet and app market along with the proliferation of the mobile web.

Whether you represent a business, institution or organisation, or whether you are a journalist, student or just have a plain interest in the mobile industry, we have compiled this for your convenience. Have a look around and share it with your friends and colleagues.